Joystick drive, steer - 1 axis (Generation 6)

Control box Generation 5

Compact/Optimum Control box

Joystick with potentiometr – it must be used in Compact 12 RTE type

Fuel Lift Pump for Deutz

Non Marking Wheel front-drive 305x100x255. Rim White, Grey Rubber.

24V25AMP,  230V Power Source A-SERIES - high quality Battery Charger IP65 für Blei-Säure, Gel und AGM Batterien geeignet.700W230V

Battery 6 Volt, Deep Cycle Wet, 232 Ah @ 20 hr / 181 Ah @ 5 hr

OEM Proportional Valve, PVEA 32.Proportional High, AMP connector. With passive fault monitoring. Voltage: 11-30 V DC